19.Arduino learning notebook--Atmega8 makes the minimum arduino system

19.Arduino learning notebook--Atmega8 makes the minimum arduino system

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Atmega8 is the cheapest of the arduino's officially supported chips, so we'll take it to explain how to make the arduino minimum system on the breadboard.
Prepare the material
1. One Atmega8 DIP packaging chip
2. One 16MHz Crystal Oscillator
3. Two 22P capacitors
One key, One breadboard and some connected wires.

Let's look at this chip

A new chip needs to download the arduino's bootloader, which We use the official recommended USBtinyISP to download.

Take a look at the pins of Atmega8 and ICSP pins

+ 5 v connects to VCC
GND connects to GND
D11, D12, D13 connect to 17,18,19 pin respectively
Reset connects to reset

Now let's look at the connection diagram of crystal oscillator 

The crystal oscillator connects the chips 9,10 pin, and the two pins are connected to a 22p capacitor respectively, the other end of the capacitor is grounded.

Below is the connection diagram for the ICSP downloaded

The board selected in the IDE is arduino NG

Then select the USBtinyISP in the bootloader to download.

After downloading the bootloader, you will need to download the program to the chip. At this time, you find a downloader of usb port is OK. 5V connect with GND. The connection between TX and RX , please look at the official picture.

The official use the chip FT232RL, TX, RX output are interchangeable with arduino TX, RX. If you don't have a normal connection, you just swap the TX and the RX.

Here is the diagram from the usb port connector downloaded, which needs to connect the reset, reset is the 1 pin of the chip, connect a resistor to connect the switch, and then GND.

Program compiled after good click on the download, click on the reset, the program can download it at this moment, if cannot download, please check the board have elected to NG, another is ever click reset.

Next is used, a Atmega168 pin, is corresponding to the analog and digital interface, and Atmega8 is the same as it.

Add a copy of the official Atmega8 and arduino port.

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